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Rio Grande Turkey



Rio Grande Turkey Hunts

Marksmanship Proficiency:

A high confidence level shooting a shotgun out to 40 yards is recommended.  It is helpful if you are abbe able to shoot from a sitting/kneeling position.

Fitness Level: Very Easy. Most hunts are conducted from blinds due to the country’s open terrain so moving/hiking is minimal.


Game Hunting Pressure:

Moderate to Low due to the extraordinary abundance of birds. For eighteen years now, Rush Creek Guide Service has offered some of the best hunting the state of Texas has to offer for big Rio Grande gobblers, and for good reason! Rush Creek has leased over 30,000 acres of the best hunting land available in the Texas Panhandle, and with this much ground, there is definitely no shortage of long beards as this land supports some of the biggest flocks of Rio Grande turkeys found anywhere in the country. Even after two record setting seasons in a row, we are still anticipating our best turkey season ever here at Rush Creek!


The reason for this excitement over the upcoming season and the record harvests of the last five years is quite simple. The population of Rio Grande turkeys in the Texas Panhandle is exploding! The panhandle suffered through a drought during the late 1990’s that kept the population in check, but once the drought ended the numbers of turkeys have increased to an all time high. This increase can easily be seen in our harvest numbers. In the late 90’s, our harvest numbers hovered right around 75 toms every spring. However, in 2003, we harvested just over 100 long beards, and the next year that number jumped to almost 120. Each season since has ended with a large carryover of adult gobblers, and that carryover combined with awesome hatches over the last several years has allowed us to harvest close to 150 gobblers in every season since 2005! And we are predicting the same for 2017!

Here at Rush Creek Guide Service, we definitely can offer you the hunt of a lifetime for Rio Grande turkeys. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced turkey hunter, a novice, or a parent taking your child on his/her first turkey hunt, we offer the type of hunt you’re looking for. For the veteran hunter, we offer semi-guided hunts where we simply drop you off at your hunting location, and you try to outwit those weary gobblers one-on-one. For the beginner or children, we offer fully-guided hunts where an experienced guide will assist you in harvesting your trophy. Rush Creek also has leased land in western Oklahoma, which allows an opportunity to hunt two states. With a limit of four toms in Texas and three in Oklahoma, the chance to harvest seven gobblers exists for those hunters with plenty of time on their hands.