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Rush Creek Guide Service, LLC.
Firearms Safety Rules & Requirements

It is the hunter’s responsibility to ensure that you observe firearms safety rules as set forth by the National Rifle Association and those rules specific to Rush Creek Guide Service, LLC at all times.

At any time a guide can cancel a hunt if the guide feels that the client is UNSAFE.

1. Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.

2. Firearms should always be unloaded when not actually in use.

3. Do not rely on the gun’s “Safety”.

4. Be certain of your target and what is beyond it.

5. Usage of the correct ammunition.
(Center fire Expanding rounds only that are appropriate for the game being hunted.)

6. If the gun fails to fire when the trigger is pulled, point the gun in a safe direction and attempt
to unload it.

7. Always wear ear and eye protection when shooting.

8. Be sure the barrel is clear of obstructions before shooting.

9. Clients must show that altered or modified guns are safe, and they must be test fired on
the company range in the presence of a manager.

10. Any hunter under the age of 18, must be accompanied by an adult/guide at all times.

The following company specific & other firearm safety rules must be strictly observed at all times.

1. NO LOADED firearms allowed in any company or personal vehicles at any time. (A loaded firearm is defined as when  there is a round in the chamber.) ** Legal CCW holder is exempt for CONCEALED personal handguns ONLY – NOT HUNTING RIFLES OR PISTOLS.
2. While in a vehicle and at the discretion of the guide, live rounds may be kept in the magazine providing the bolt is disengaged and pulled back from the breech. Rifle must be clearly visible and uncased. (Bolt action rifles only)
3. Semi-automatic rifles, pistols, & shotguns must be unloaded prior to entering a vehicle. (No rounds allowed in the magazine unless it is a separate magazine removed from the firearm.)
4. ALL firearms must be unloaded when climbing a fence/gate or climbing up or down a tree stand ladder.
5. All other firearms must be unloaded except the holder of a legal concealed weapons permit.
6. Evidence of a CCW may be requested by management if the client is using or riding in company vehicles.
7.  Texas law does not allow the carrying of a concealed or open, loaded handgun in a vehicle unless you have a Texas or reciprocal state Concealed Weapons Permit. CCW holders are required to inform a police officer that they are armed immediately upon contact.
8. Texas law does not allow the transportation of a loaded hunting rifle or shotgun on a public highway or county road.

Alcohol Drugs & Firearms/Hunting..

1. All firearms must be unloaded cased and placed in a vehicle or designated premises before the consumption of alcohol may take place. This rule will be strictly enforced.
2. The consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited by employees/guides or contractors while in the
field with clients and/or in the presence of loaded firearms at any location.
3. Clients/hunters found or suspected of being impaired as a result of Alcohol or Drugs (Including prescription drugs) will have their hunt immediately cancelled without refund.

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